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Magnitude 6.5 in Nevada


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Wow! I just read an article about this seismic zone. It apparently is going to be the new North America/Pacific Plate tectonic boundary. Lex Luthor was just too impatient.

Using the long-term evolution of both the San Andreas and Walker Lane, Faulds and Henry’s scientific paper predicts that the northern part of the San Andreas will shift inland to the Walker Lane in about 7 to 8 million years. The Gulf of California will expand to the north as this occurs, turning California into a peninsula hundreds of miles long along the coast of the new plate boundary. Reno would eventually lie on or near the new coastline of the elongated Gulf of California; which would also be the boundary between the two tectonic plates. It would take 7-8 million years for the plate boundary to shift to the Walker Lane, and this would definitely not take place in one large seismic event.