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Feb 6 - OneWeb2 via Russian Soyuz
3:42 pm central

The OneWeb2 mission will deploy a constellation of 34 satellites into orbit which will be used for low-latency broadband communications. This flight on-board a Russian Soyuz rocket was delayed in Nov, Dec and January. Launch will take place at the Balkonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Feb 9 - Cygnus (S.S. Robert H Lawrence/NG-13) mission to the International Space Station via Northrop Grumman Antares Rocket
4:39pm central

NASA orginially scheduled this mission to take place in April. While the supplies are not deemed critical it could be seen as a move to make way for possible visiting manned spacecraft of the SpaceX or Boeing variety. Stay tuned. NG-13 cargo supply ship is named in honor of USAF Major Robert Lawrence, Jr, who was selected as the first African American astronaut to fly on the semi-secretive Manned Orbiting Laboratory program in 1967. Just a few months after being selected Lawrence was killed when his F-104 Starfighter crashed at Edwards Air Force Base, California while practicing landing techniques that would late be used by Shuttle Orbiter pilots. The MOL program never launched but several of those chose for the program later flew as astronauts.


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