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Jet stream


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Tumbler Ridge BC
As a pilot I first learned about the Jetstream in the 1970's. These upperwinds were not only important to pilots but also play such a significant role in all of our weather. With advances in radar and mapping of the Jetstream it has been very interesting to watch how it has changed so much these past 3 years alone. I live in Northern BC, Canada and when we had the giant heat dome reach us last year, I took a look at the jet stream path. It was flowing in a huge loop from south to North and then far back south again. As well, it was showing very fragmented over the Pacific Ocean. I was looking at the radar images again last night and see that it is now fragmented all across the Northern hemisphere, jumping everywhere and the much more "normal wave of the Stream does not seem to be happening right now. I believe that this is a cause/effect of our current weather and am wondering if anyone else has been studying this? It would be interesting to know what caused the fragmenting over the Pacific Ocean last year and if this is what has triggered this year's fragmenting. Has this been happening for a long time and are just in a cycle? Or is this what is causing our severe weather changes? If anyone here officially studies the jet stream and has some input, I'd love to hear from you.