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Is Pope Francis Ruining the Church?


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Is Pope Francis leading the Catholic Church down a path of destruction? I'm going to start off by saying if this should be in the political thread, please go ahead and move this thread. This is a topic that has weighed on me for a while. As a Catholic from birth, attended Catholic schools, and now very active in the Church, I was never the biggest fan of Pope Francis. I can see why he has a very vocal group that 100% support him, because he is very good at "working the crowds" so to speak. But, he is not a very good theologian. Pope Benedict, his predecessor was a phenomenal pope, despite his less than stellar pastoral qualities. Pope Francis has a horrible habit of speaking off the cuff without being as careful as he should be when respecting the doctrine. He often gives responses that are vague where it is hard to parse his position on. But, the Jesuits have always been more liberal in regards to doctrine. Then again, the schools I attended were run by Lasallian Brothers, who are at the opposite spectrum of the Jesuits.

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The Church was here for 2,000 years before Bergoglio became Francis and will be here long after he is gone. I am not concerned about that.

Tin Foil Hat - I have a theory that Benedict didn't retire of his own volition. /Tin Foil Hat

Remember what Pope Benedict(then still Cardinal Ratzinger) once said many years ag0 -

I think the Church losing a large number of members may not be a bad thing.