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After his confirmation as Secretary of State yesterday, Rex Tillerson delivered remarks at the State Department, introducing himself and asking employees to commit to “personal accountability and honest, and respecting your colleagues” as well as to uphold “high standards of ethics and professionalism.” Other nominees, including Scott Pruitt (Environmental Protection Agency) and Rep. Mick Mulvaney (Office of Management and Budget) were voted out of committee. The vote on Pruitt was boycotted by the Democratic members of the Senate Environment and Public Works committee, but the rules were suspended by Republican members in order to hold the vote.

Using the authority of the rarely invoked Congressional Review Act, the Senate and House voted to repeal several regulations, including the Stream Protection Rule. A final action by the Senate tomorrow and the President’s signature would fully cancel the rule.

Following reports of an uncomfortable call with the Prime Minister of Australia, Senators John McCain, Bob Corker, and Jack Reed contacted Joe Hockey, the Australian ambassador. The offices of all three senators noted that they had expressed strong support for the relationship between the two countries.

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