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Hi everyone! Today I loaded up a new background that comes to us courtesy of my good friend Nathan Williams. I've invited him to join us on TW but until he does I'm going to share a few details of this very special photo taken near Burgess Falls State Park, TN.

36°02'02.0"N 85°37'21.4"W
Had the humbling fortune of witnessing firsthand the eclipse. To top things off, Joy and I celebrated our 18th anniversary. To say it was beyond all the hype is an understatement. I can only imagine what the earliest of humans might have felt having this happen on an ordinary day. Our two boys really enjoyed seeing it and I can imagine they will remember this day forever. I had planned to shoot in a different location but ended up using a backup plan after the first choice was already packed and closed. This location was not crowded. Just a few folks enjoying the day. This image was created in camera. Using multi-exposure mode I first shot the Sun using a 500mm telephoto set somewhere around 350mm and then mid shot, I swapped to a 10mm wide angle to get some of the landscape. It was interesting feeling the moment as I also tried to focus my mind enough to get the shot. Easy for some - but not for me. In all my photo career, I have searched for moments that make me feel small and insignificant. Today at this moment, I felt very small and insignificant. But a tiny spec in the cosmos. What an amazing perspective. 8-21-2017

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