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Austin Dawg

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Leander, Texas
I know we usually talk about other forms of weather here but the heat we are having this year is extraordinary and extremely dangerous here in Central Texas. It's supposed to be 107° today and the long range forecast has it around the century mark the rest of the month period is the worst I remember since 2011 when I drove home one day from downtown and noticed my thermometer on my truck was 113° and we had several large wildfires.

One of the reasons why I'm posting this is I see that this is going on in a lot of places. We'
re used to hot summers here even though this is ridiculous but I know there are a lot of people who are experiencing extraordinary heat this summer that do not usually have to endure this. What I was wondering is with you weather brains can tell me if the overall pattern looks to be shifting anytime between now and October.
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