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Caribbean Volcanoes Stirring


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Relax -- it's low-level stuff, so far, but each of these two -- La Soufriere on St. Vincent and Pelee on Martinique -- can be violent, though AFAIK their almost twinned paroxysms in 1902 had no physical effects in the Gulf or on the US mainland.

1. Mount Pelee: Sounds like it's just fussy, with unrest in April and again in November, per the monitoring agency. Here's their early December press release. (Both links are in French.) Yes, this is the one that wiped out the city of St. Pierre in 1902.

2. La Soufriere: Not to be confused with the one on Montserrat that turned that island's capital into a modern Pompeii. The Soufriere Volcano on St. Vincent quietly erupted a lava dome this week.

It's cute, but you can see by the crater size that this volcano does not fool around, either, when it's in a violent mood, as it was in May 1902. Hopefully, this will be one of the effusive eruptions instead.

Monitoring: UWI-SRC (Twitter) and NEMO St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Facebook). The UWI-SRC does have a web page, but it isn't updated at time of writing; they're on Facebook, too.
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