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Track-Trump April 26, 2017


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President Trump signed an executive order today that asks the Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke to review National Monuments that have been declared since 1996 to ensure they meet the “requirements and original objectives” of the Antiquities Act of 1906. The President also signed an executive order directing Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to undertake a “regulatory review” of education policy, with the aim of “identifying and eliminating D.C.-driven regulations that attempt to control what students are or aren’t taught”.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and National Economic Advisor Gary Cohn briefed the press today about potential changes to the tax code proposed by the Trump Administration. Characterized by both officials as “the biggest tax cut in history”, this plan would lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%, cut the number of income tax brackets from seven to three, and eliminate the estate tax.

The House Freedom Caucus has stated they will supported a revised version of the American Healthcare Act. It is unclear when this modified version of the bill will be released to the public, or if more moderate Republican factions within the House will support the revised language.

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