Another Church Mass Shooting in Texas (1 Viewer)


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Gunman murdered over 20 worshipers and wounded many more at church in small town in south central Texas this morning. I don't know if it will be officially recognized as such, but I believe this is an evil act of terrorism.

Today at our church we joined with believers all over the world in recognizing the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. In America, Christians have been insulated from acts of terror and violence that other believers around the world face on a constant basis. With this horrible tragedy today and the earlier mass shootings at the churches in Tennessee and South Carolina, the safety of the Christian sanctuary is under siege. Praying for all who suffer for the sake of Jesus Christ and for His message of grace, mercy, peace, and love.


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Nearly half of the 26 innocents murdered were children.

As far as terrorist motives, he did espouse atheism and loathe Christians according to former classmates. His social media was scrubbed immediately following the shooting, which is fishy in the least. No one is ever gonna know the motive (unless he left a note), but it seems he targeted the church because his estranged wife's family attended there, per reports. Will be interesting to see if this is classified as terrorism...which usually requires a political, religious, or ideological motive.

These mass murders are gut wrenching, but seems all too common now. We have deep seated problems in our society and I'm not sure how we address those.

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