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2020 Tornado Recap Thread


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Just thought it'd be fun for us all to do an opinions/recap thread of our thoughts on the various tornado events throughout the past year, and which ones were most notable for different reasons. I'll format it in a series of categories that I came up with, but if you can think of other categories feel free to add them to your post.

Strongest 2020 tornado in the US?
April 24 Bassfield/Soso, MS EF4 for sure. Some of the most violent tree damage I have ever seen photographed. That large cabin that was swept completely clean outside of Bassfield was very impressive as well, and I suspect that the tornado was likely at EF5 strength in that area.

Strongest 2020 tornado outside of the US?
August 14 Agua Doce, Brazil tornado. No rating has been assigned yet, but I'd say high-end EF3 would be appropriate. Very impressive tree damage with this one too, but as another poster mentioned, the EF scale is not designed for trees in South America. I should also mention that I don't recall any events that were likely EF4+ anywhere outside the US this year.

Most anomalous or unusual?
September 5, Mammoth Pool, CA EF2. Was spawned by pyrocumulonimbus clouds from a wildfire, and was strong enough to produce at least some debarking apparently. Very interesting event. Also strongly considered giving this category to the fatal, long-tracked Apodaca, Mexico EF2.

Most visually spectacular or photogenic?
July 8 Dalton, MN EF4. One of the most incredible and violent drill-bits I've ever seen on video. The Madill, OK EF2 and the Scarth, MB EF3 are honorable mentions imo too.

Most Devastating?
March 3 Cookeville, TN EF4. One of the worst nighttime tornado disasters I can remember in my lifetime so far.

Most Underrated?
April 8, Harrisburg, AR EF2. This tornado leveled a frame home and partially swept the foundation clean, yet it was rated mid-range EF2. I feel
that a rating of at least low end EF3 should have been applied.

Most Overrated?
June 10 Ohioville, Pennsylvania EF2. This one was rated EF2 based entirely on some wooden power poles that were broken, even though structures and trees in the immediate vicinity sustained minimal damage. The tornado tracked though moderately populated areas, yet did not produce any structural damage even close to EF2. Also, I'm not sure why the Scarth, MB tornado was upgraded from EF2 to EF3.

So that's mine. Would love to hear your personal picks for each of these categories!
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Apple Valley, MN
I posted a recap of the EF2 Mammoth Pool pyrotornado on my Twitter account. Very impressive event. I'm not sure if the NWS surveyed this area.

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