1/19/2021 southern CA Santa Ana Wind event (1 Viewer)


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California, United States
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The Santa Ana Wind event on January 19 was described by Alexander Tardy (a National Weather Service meteorologist I talked to regarding this event) as "widespread and fierce", and those adjectives are certainly fitting. Given that the winds were particularly strong near the base of the Cajon Pass, our small rural town experienced very strong wind gusts. While I don't have an exact measurement I would estimate the winds probably gusted to a little over 70mph during the worst parts of the storm, which would be equivalent to a minimal Category 1 hurricane.

Screenshot_20210119-132939_Video Player.jpg Still from a video I took showing a downed tree and destroyed fence on our property. Other damage in our town included sheathing peeled from the side of a house, a power line downed, and even some vehicles moved. I actually filmed the very moment this tree came down, though given that the video is well over 8 minutes long I'm unsure where to post the footage as of yet. If anyone has any ideas please let me know!

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