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weather station

  1. T

    Weather Station Siting

    I am looking at buying an Ambient WS-2000 station. They provide these guidelines on siting, including a recommendation that the anemometer (and I suppose, thus the entire unit) should be a distance of at least 10x the height of the nearest obstruction (houses, trees, etc.). My wife will kill me...
  2. C

    Weather stations

    I have a cabin in the mountains of SW Virginia. It is at 4200 ft elevation and the weather can get pretty hairy with high wind and low temps. I bought a acurite weather station to monitor the weather while we are away. I liked the unit but the wind speed was obviously wrong. We were having...
  3. WesL

    Perry Williams Memorial Weather Station

    Dear fellow TW members, Thank you! I'm blown away with the response we had with getting our project funded so quickly. It speaks to how highly Perry was regarded in our community. I wanted to give you a breakdown of the project funds and give you an idea of how we will proceed. In 3 days...
  4. WesL

    Need your help with a special project

    Greetings all. The TW admin team is working on a special project at the moment which we will provide some additional details about at a later time. However, we could use your assistance with one aspect involving weather stations. I know several operate weather stations at work or home...