1. WesL

    WAFF (Huntsville, AL) staff changes

    Looks like Gray's takeover of WAFF in Huntsville is getting messy. They let the news director go a few weeks ago, Kimberly Essex who had been there for like 20+ years was let go last week and now they have let sports anchor Paloma Villicana go. Brad Travis is on vacay and comes back today...
  2. G

    Mark Thornhill and Scott Theisen Out at WAFF in Huntsville

    From what I read, Theisen was part of a Raycom wide layoff but Thornhill was removed for "personal reasons". I really enjoyed both of them especially Mark who has been with the station for over 25 years. My wife and I will be transitioning to WHNT or WAAY I think we will be boycotting WAFF