violent tornadoes

  1. Casuarina Head

    When will we reenter an active severe cycle?

    Now that the recent +PDO trend since 2013 seems to be reversing itself, given -ENSO/-PMM in place as well, one may reasonably ask whether the background state will begin to favour large-scale outbreaks with multiple long-tracked supercells each producing one or more EF4+ tornadoes. By “active...
  2. PerryW

    Where Violent Tornadoes Occur Most Frequently

    Just did a little research today into where EF4 and EF5 tornadoes have occurred the most frequently since 1950 and the results are quite interesting. I took eight large "tornado prone" cities and where violent tornadoes have struck in relation to them (within a 50 nautical mile radius) during...
  3. PerryW

    F4/ F5 Tornadoes That Occurred in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee since 1950

    Just something I created using the SPC Historical Severe Weather Database Browser (Online SeverePlot 3.0) ALL EF4 & EF 5 Tornadoes in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia 1950 thru 2015.