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  1. MNTornadoGuy

    Volcanic Thunderstorms

    One of the most interesting volcanic phenomena is volcanic thunderstorms. I'm not talking about regular volcanic lightning produced by dry ash plumes but actual wet deep convection produced by volcanic eruptions. They are usually associated with phreatomagmatic and surtseyan eruptions. Some...
  2. skelly

    MCS June 27, 2019

    Earlier talk of MCS looked ominous on radar this morning now seems to be weakening splitting up a bit into individual storms. ??
  3. KoD

    Severe WX March 27-30th, 2018 - Localized Flooding/Slight Severe Potential

    We have another event shaping up for the Dixie alley region with a decent risk of high rainfall totals and a developing potential for severe weather. Looking at the rainfall totals and taking the least aggressive GFS op run for the day, we are looking at a good soak across a large swath of the...
  4. StormStalker

    Severe WX Marginal Svr risk 11/2-11/3