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  1. Tyler Penland

    April Discussion

    Noticed we don't have a general discussion for this month as so far it's all been in the severe threads. WWA out for the TN border counties tonight for a good April snow. North GA mountains might actually see some flurries. With any luck I'll squeek out an inch or two here at the house.
  2. Lori

    Welcome Spring!!!

    Our first season change on the new TW!! One of my favorite seasons EVER! Budding trees, flowers and the grass is turning green! More daylight and warmer temps. Plus severe weather and pollen. I hope everyone is having as beautiful spring day as we are having in Alabama, warm with cloudless blue...
  3. StormStalker

    March Discussion

    March is just around the corner. Has Spring officially made its arrival or will ole man winter make his final appearance?