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severe weather preparation

  1. skelly

    Go to sources

    All the way from strictly lay weather watchers to professionals on here, name some go to sources for severe weather, winter weather, event planning, tropical weather. Where to you look to get you’re information to use to make decisions based on the weather?
  2. WesL

    Rescheduled Storm Spotter Training & Huntsville, AL Meet and Greet

    Greetings all! It's that time of year again when NWS offices around the country start preparing for the upcoming spring severe weather season. With that comes Skywarn Storm Spotter classes that are always informative and fun to attend. You can find your local in person or online training...
  3. gaikkeb

    SPC Severe Weather Categories VS WSBTV

    I've had these questions for a while and I wonder if others have had them as well. I love weather and so I make sure I'm as educated about all types of weather as I can be but when the general public needs to be informed things should be uniform to protect life and integrity. Why would WSBTV and...
  4. WesL

    Weather-Ready Nation Prepare Before The Storm (04APR17 - 07APR17)

    As a part of our new Ambassadorship with NOAA's Weather-Ready Nation initiative, we are providing a few tips to hopefully help you plan for this week full of severe weather events for the southeast. The primary threats for this week include Severe Thunderstorms that could bring: Winds in...
  5. Mike S

    Vortex SE Survey - How do people receive severe weather info

    A local Huntsville meteorologist posted a link to this survey on twitter and I thought some here might be interested in participating. The details are in this link.