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  1. N4GKS

    North Alabama Rain?

    It was said over and over by the TV mets that we were to get storms and at least 4 inches of rain. This forecast keeps getting moved to the next day. Was it a dry slot or what? I was looking forward to some rain. So far it hasn’t been 1/2 inch where I am.
  2. stormcentral

    Flooding Flooding 2/17-21, 2019

    It appears a series of disturbances along a stalled out boundary will bring a threat for widespread flooding across southeast.
  3. rolltide_130

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat 11/5-11/7

    Since the Euro is starting to hint at potentially a widespread severe weather outbreak for next week, I thought I'd get this thread going as well.. This is concerning.. the November 2002 outbreak similarities to how this system looks so far is uncanny..
  4. KoD

    Severe WX March 27-30th, 2018 - Localized Flooding/Slight Severe Potential

    We have another event shaping up for the Dixie alley region with a decent risk of high rainfall totals and a developing potential for severe weather. Looking at the rainfall totals and taking the least aggressive GFS op run for the day, we are looking at a good soak across a large swath of the...
  5. Taylor Campbell

    Weekend Storm March 10th-11th, 2018

    Rain, storms, some severe.
  6. KoD

    January 2018 Discussion

    Happy new year everyone! We have a very cold beginning to 2018. A weak vort max over N AL/ S mid TN is giving some of us snow flurries and a light dusting in N AL as far south as Cullman, which should dissipate this afternoon. Elsewhere, high pressure will build over the coming days which...