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  1. locomusic01

    The 20th Anniversary of the Jarrell Tornado

    Twenty years ago on this day, one of the most violent tornadoes in modern history devastated the small town of Jarrell, Texas. Most people on this forum are already familiar with the Jarrell F5, of course, but it's worth revisiting. I've got a blog post on the event that contains a recap and a...
  2. Equus

    Overshadowed and Overlooked Tornadoes

    On most outbreak days, there will be one or two tornadoes which go down as the 'landmark' tornado(es) of the event. May 3 1999 has the Moore tornado; April 27 2011 has the Tuscaloosa Tornado; April 26 1991 has the Andover tornado, and so on. There are very good reasons why such tornadoes become...
  3. WesL

    Discussion of April 27, 2011 Outbreak

    The most common question I've had since turning TW back on in January is about the April 27, 2011 thread. With over 2000+ posts it is was one of the largest threads on the old site and the information contained within served as a living record for those who are both weather enthusiasts and...
  4. PerryW

    On this date in 1932, a deadly and horrific tornado outbreak struck the deep south

    On this date in 1932, a deadly and horrific tornado outbreak struck the deep south. Hardest hit were the states of Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee......similar to the April 27-28, 2011 tornado swarm nearly 80 years later. A total of 334 perished in the deadly tornadoes, most in northern and...