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  1. jules

    Top 10 AL Weather Events?

    Hi everyone! Been lurking around this forum since 2002 (seriously!). I was wondering, what would you say are the top 10 Alabama weather events of the past 50 years, and in what order would you rank them in terms of historical significance?
  2. Mike S

    Scientists peer into heart of hurricanes to improve intensity forecast

  3. JayF

    Volcano's, Earthquakes, Hurricanes Oh My.

  4. Kory

    Corp of Engineers Report: New Orleans Levees "Minimally Acceptable"

    New Orleans levee system is "high risk" and "minimally acceptable" per latest Corps of Engineer reports. 13 years after the worst natural disaster and humanitarian crisis this country has seen and NOTHING has changed...
  5. WesL

    Need your help. Tropical Forum Standards

    Looking to help standardize the rules and standards we use for our tropical forums. We have been loosely following these rules and would like to get your input for finalization. Unnamed Areas of Intrest (Invests, Potential Tropical Cyclone, and Tropical Depressions) When the NHC announces an...