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Caledonia, MS
Reading through the 4/27/11 archive, and I still have that sick feeling in my stomach and tears in my eyes even though the event has long passed. What a horrible event that was, and I really hope I never have to go through another day like it again. =(
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
For those who lived through the 4/27/2011 tornadoes, time has been measured by it since. You have life before the tornadoes and life after. It was a period that forever shaped the state of Alabama. That day would bring us untold deaths only to reveal an immeasurable amount of strength and humanity. While it is great to look ahead, reflection of the lives lost and progress made is critical. We must never forget.

I've always found it fascinating how people measure time by tragedy. Having lived through Katrina, is it very much the same...you have life before and after. It is so etched into people's minds, fearfully watching the news reports of winds ripping apart buildings, water overtopping and breaching levees, and the thousands of water rescues by helicopter. Both of these are that kind of event where you can recall everything about where you were, what you were doing, and who you were with. No one in their wildest dreams could've imagined what was going to transpire on both 8/29/2005 or 4/27/2011. It was a test of faith. And when you lose everything, thank God for him and your family/friends because that is all you have.


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We probably shouldn't have put so much fertilizer on our lawn...it's green, lush and growing, growing and more growing!!

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