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Woman Dies Protecting Her Beloved Cat During Killer Tornado (1 Viewer)

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Atlanta, GA

Meet Bootsy - Bootsy was loved by her owner - an elderly woman who had lived alone for the last 5 years (her husband of 41 years died of cancer). This woman adopted Bootsy as a kitten after the death of her husband. Since this elderly woman had no family and lived alone, neighbors said that Bootsy became the center of her world and that she adored her kitty.

After this tornado hit, firemen searched for survivors - the elderly woman's house was swept completely of it's foundation and left in a pile of debris. After digging down through the debris, a fireman could see the outline of life less body. Upon reaching her, one fireman told me that "she was lying face down and looked like she had suffered massive blunt force trauma".

Out of respect, the fireman requested a sheet be placed over her, but as the sheet was being laid over her - this fireman noticed movement. Moving in closer, he could see movement coming from this elderly woman's crossed arms. At this time, the wind was still blowing with light rain falling, but above the wind and rain he could hear a faint whimper of an animal. Gently opening up the woman's arms, he could see a shivering, wet kitty named Bootsy.

This elderly woman gave her life trying to protect her beloved cat - instead of protecting herself - her first thought was to protect Bootsy by a wrapping her arms around her and holding her as tight as she could. I believe it was this unselfish love that protected her beloved kitty from this killer tornado.

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