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PLEASE READ Posting Guidelines During Severe Events (1 Viewer)


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As you can imagine, during severe weather events the information comes quick. Our severe weather threads quickly become a great clearinghouse for information including warnings, storm reports, radar information and other interesting information.

With all this information, screen space becomes a premium, especially if you are on a mobile device. Going forward we are asking everyone to work to uphold the following guidelines.

1. Watch or Warning information:
When posting warning or watch information, please only paste the relevant portions. There is no need to post the entire message (including header info and such). In most cases the first paragraph of the warning or watch is perfect. If you feel there is a need to post the entire message, please use the quote option like in the example below.


2. Pictures and Graphics
When you post photos or radar pictures, please consider the size of the graphic
. Screenshots from phones appear large on desktop screens. If you have the ability to crop the image please do it. Also, due to a recent forum software upgrade, you can now resize graphics you paste into the forum by using the resize guides at the corners of the photo. If you can't crop or resize the graphic, consider posting as a thumbnail instead as shown in the example below.

3. Sourcing information
Please be sure to let us know the source of the information you are posting.
Nothing too completed, see the examples below. Links are welcome and if you are sharing social media the information will automatically be added.

Example: "Image - Chris Johnson" "Image - WCBI Columbus, MS"

Our moderators will not issue warnings on these issues but we may correct your post as we see fit or ask you to provide more information if needed. The intent is to make sure that fast-paced severe weather threads continue to be easy to read and properly sourced.

4. "It is a Bust" policy (updated 24MAR21)
Bust posts during severe weather events will not be tolerated.
Just because it is sunny and clear at your house, doesn't mean other members aren't under the gun. Be respectful before you go into an active severe weather thread and declare a bust. This is the type of discussion we expect in post-storm analysis. Furthermore, disrespectful bust posts that specifically call out someone who made a prediction that didn't pan out are highly discouraged. Science is hard, things change and Mother Nature doesn't like us knowing her intentions.

Moderators and Admins have been directed to use temporary bans for those who bust post during severe weather events and warnings will be issued for other types of posts that violate our terms of service or these forum-specific rules. As always the admin team has the final determination of member access on the site based on their behavior.


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@warneagle , not sure if you noticed or not, but your last few posts have been in the Posting Guidelines During Severe Events thread. Didn't want your posts to get lost!

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