Heatwave in NYC, sends bees swarming in Time Square or TIL NYPD has beekeepers on staff (1 Viewer)


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So I've actually learned a lot about bees today. No not the birds and bees... just the bee's knees. Out of puns. It appears that the heatwave along with high humidity in NYC has made it harder for bees to keep their hives cool. The result is that some bees are kicked out and they go swarm somewhere else. Today that somewhere else just happened to be a Hot Dog Cart in Times Square. That leads to the second headline, apparently, NYPD has two beekeepers on staff and YES they are real police officers who actually get paid overtime for their additional hazardous duties. In this case, the beekeeper on duty showed up and was able to vacuum the bees up and relocate them to a hive in a remote area of the city.


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