In Memoriam Alabama Remembers 4/27/2011 Memorial Thread


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Each year I take great pride in listing out the names of those we lost on April, 27, 2011 on Twitter and Facebook. It is a labor of love and dedication that has increasingly become harder and harder to do due to changing policies at social media companies. Last year we exceeded the rate limit on Twitter and our account was locked. This year I started early and found a partner that developed an app that would help automate the posting on Facebook but every time we worked to get the app approved, Facebook denied it. So this year will be the start of a new tradition. We will post the names on this dedicated forum and encourage families and friends to share their comments here. We will continue to develop this thread into a proper online memorial over the next year and offer something to families that never goes away.

To those who lost loved ones, we will all remember that tragic day and the families and friends whose lives were changed. We can't bring them back but we are happy to ensure that they are never forgotten.

“There are special people in our lives who never leave us …. even after they are gone.” – D. Morgan

Angie Sanders, 43 of St. Clair County, AL
Charlie Andrew Wolfe, 68 of St. Clair County, AL
Nettie Ruth Wolfe, 68 of St. Clair County, AL
Precious Necale Fegans-Hartley, 27 of Pell City, AL
Sandra Gayle McCrory, 56 of Moody, AL
Katherine Massa, 70 of Dadeville, AL
Justin Leeric Thomas, 15 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Patricia Turner, 55 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Willie Lee Turner III, 21 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Wesley Starr, 45 of Argo, AL
Lucille Waters, 89 of Argo, AL
Jonathan Doss, 12 of Cordova, AL
Justin Doss, 10 of Cordova, AL
Annette Singleton, 45 of Cordova, AL
Jackson Van Horn, 24 of Cordova, AL
Kathleen Brown, 64 of Oakman, AL
Pam Jett, 43 of Sipsey, AL
Harold "Junior" Jett, 47
Ricky Paul Smith, 55 of Brent, AL (Bibb County)
Ruby Douthitt, 61 of Ohatchee, AL
Tina Forrest, 49 of Ohatchee, AL
Michael Forrest, 54 of Ohatchee, AL
Francis Arvella Jones, 72 of Ohatchee, AL
James Romaine, 65 of Ohatchee, AL
Angel Stillwell, 13 of Piedmont, AL
Vernon Spencer Motes, 33 of Webster's Chapel, AL
Linda Sue Lipscomb, 63 of Wellington, AL
Lloyd Winford Harris, 68 of Cullman, AL
Keenan Jonathan Sullivan, 20 of Johnson Crossing, AL
Chelsie Black, 20 of Dekalb County, AL
Charlotte Bludsworth, 36 of Dekalb County, AL
Belinda Boatner, 67 of Dekalb County, AL
Gene Bullock, 65 of Dekalb County, AL
Marcella Bullock, 64 of Dekalb County, AL
Jewell Ewing, 73 of Dekalb County, AL
Emma Ferguson, 6 of Dekalb County, AL
Jeremy Ferguson, 34 of Dekalb County, AL
Tawnya Ferguson, 32 of Dekalb County, AL
Hannah Goins, 3 of Dekalb County, AL
Kenneth Graham, 56 of Dekalb County, AL
Linda Graham, 61 of Dekalb County, AL
Ruth Hairston, 90 of Dekalb County, AL
Harold Harcrow, 74 of Dekalb County, AL
Patricia Harcrow, 75 of Dekalb County, AL
Jody Huizenga, 28 of Dekalb County, AL
Lethel Izell, 86 of Dekalb County, AL
Jimmy Michael Kilgore, 48 of Dekalb County, AL
Courtney McGaha, 15 of Dekalb County, AL
William Michaels, 70 of Dekalb County, AL
Martha Michaels, 72 of Dekalb County, AL
Eulah Miller of Dekalb County, AL
Ida Ott, 87 of Dekalb County, AL
Timothy Ott, 53 of Dekalb County, AL
Ester Rosson, 81 of Dekalb County, AL
Peggy Sparks, 55 of Dekalb County, AL
Terry Tinker, 50 of Dekalb County, AL
Daniel Vermillion, 42 of Dekalb County, AL
Jidal Vermillion, 44 of Dekalb County, AL
Herbert Wooten, 70 of Dekalb County, AL
Juanita Wooten, 70 of Dakalb County, AL
Judith White, 63 of Ider, AL
Wayne White, 68 of Ider, AL
Eddie Joe Bobbitt, 71 of Rainsville, AL
Carol Lisa Fox, 50 of Rainsville, AL
Candice Hope Abernathy, 23 of Eclectic, AL
Kammie Abernathy, 5 of Eclectic, AL
Melissa Ann "Missy" Myers Gantt, 43 of Eclectic, AL
Alice Herren Lee, 74 of Eclectic, AL
Martha Ann Gray Myers, 67 of Eclectic, AL
Rebecca Herren Woodall, 70 of Berry, AL
Jeffery Kemp, 60 of Berry, AL
Reba Kemp, 60 of Berry, AL
Leon Spruell, 76 of Berry, AL
Sylvia Spruell, 69 of Berry, AL
Donald Ray Heaps, 48 of East Franklin, AL
Kelli Thorn Morgan, 24 of East Franklin, AL
Michael Morgan, 32 of East Franklin, AL
Nila Black, 68 of Phil Campbell, AL
Zan Reese Black, 45 of Phil Campbell, AL
Jeffrey Dewight Cotham, 35 of Phil Campbell, AL
Jack Cox, 78 of Phil Campbell, AL
Charlene Crochet, 41 of Phil Campbell, AL
Donnie Gentry, 63 of Phil Campbell, AL
Patricia Ann Gentry, 50 of Phil Campbell, AL
Lester William Hood, 81 of Phil Campbell, AL
James Robert Keller Jr., 67 of Phil Campbell, AL
Linda Faye Knight, 57 of Phil Campbell, AL
Rickey Ethan Knox, 10 of Phil Campbell, AL
Amy LeClere, 33 of Phil Campbell, AL
Jay W. LeClere, 45 of Phil Campbell, AL
Dagmar Leyden, 56 of Phil Campbell, AL
Edna Lucille Bradley Nix, 89 of Phil Campbell, AL
Martha Lou Pace, 64 of Phil Campbell, AL
Claudia I. Mojica, 38 of Phil Campbell, AL
Edgar Mojica, 9 of Phil Campbell, AL
Georgia Schribner, 83 of Phil Campbell, AL
Jack E. Tenhaeff, 67 of Phil Campbell, AL
Sonya Black Trapp, 47 of Phil Campbell, AL
Carroll Dean "C.D." Waller, 76 of Phil Campbell, AL
Gerri Waller, 64 of Phil Campbell, AL
Donna Renee Berry, 52 of Double Springs, AL
Cora L. Brown, 68 of Greensboro, AL
Gerald C. Brown, 70 of Greensboro, AL
Jerry Lee Hodge, 64 of Sawyerville, AL
Henry Lewis, 26 of Sawyerville, AL
Frankie Lunsford, 55 of Sawyerville, AL
Elizabeth C. White, 25 of Sawyerville, AL
Kathy Gray Haney, 46 of Pisgah, AL
Herbert Satterfield, 90 of Pisgah, AL
Ann Satterfield, 81 of Pisgah, AL
Janie Shannon, 80 of Higdon, AL
Shelby Jean Shannon, 58 of Flat Rock, AL
Elease Whited, 75 of Flat Rock, AL
John Whited, 77 of Flat Rock, AL
Branen Warren, 13 of Bridgeport, AL
Iva Mae Cantrell, 73 of Pleasant Grove, AL
James Jerry Clements, 66 of Pleasant Grove, AL
Cheryl Denise Cooper, 47 of Pleasant Grove, AL
Canatha Hyde Earley, 71 of Pleasant Grove, AL
Reba Jones, 75 of Pleasant Grove, AL
Carrie Grier Lowe, 26 of Pleasant Grove, AL
Ramona Sanders-Walker, 47 of Pleasant Grove, AL
Louella Bell Thompson, 81 of Pleasant Grove, AL
Tracy A. Traweek, 39 of Pleasant Grove, AL
Nancy L. Wilson, 56 of Pleasant Grove, AL
Janet Dickinson Hall, 55 of Concord, AL
Thomas Carl Lee, 64 of St. Clair County, AL
Jennifer Leonard Jones, 26 of Concord, AL
Haley Alexis Kreider, 8 of Concord, AL
Michael David Kreider, 10 of Concord, AL
Michelle Pearson Kreider, 30 of Concord, AL
Ernest C. "Ernie" Mundi Jr., 53 of Concord, AL
Milton Edward Baker Sr., 68 of Cahaba Heights, AL
Bessie Brewster, 72 of Pratt City, AL
Kenneth Ray Nation, 64 of Forestdale, AL
Deniece Presley, 57 of McDonald Chapel, AL
Aurelia Guzman, 12 of Chaleybeate, AL
Donald "Duck" Ray, 73 of Chaleybeate, AL
Edward Vuknic, 66 of Chaleybeate, AL
Zora Lee Jones Hale, 80 of Hillsboro, AL
Lyndon Lee "Doby" Mayes, 74 of Langtown, AL
Mary Mayes, 76 of Langtown, AL
Allen Oneal Terry, 49 of Mt. Moriah, AL
Herman Oneal Terry, 80 of Mt. Moriah, AL
Mike Daworld Dunn, 58 of Moulton, AL
Matthew Chase Adams, 21 of Mount Hope, AL
Earl Lewis Crosby Sr., 63 of Mount Hope, AL
J.W. Parker, 78 of Mount Hope, AL
Horace Grady Smith, 83 of Mount Hope, AL
Helen Smith, 84 of Mount Hope, AL
Carol Jan McElyea, 67 of Tanner, AL
Janice Dorothy Peden Riddle, 54 of Tanner, AL
Roger Glen Riddle, 55 of Tanner, AL
Shannon Gail Sampson, 39 of East Limestone, AL
Katie Cornwell, 15 of Harvest, AL
Harold Fitzgerald, 65 of Harvest, AL
Milinia Nicole "Nikki" Hammonds, 32 of Harvest, AL
Ronnie McGaha, 40 of Harvest, AL
Bobby Joe Moore, 61 of Harvest, AL
Frederick Post of Harvest, AL
Rachel Renee Tabor, 37 of Harvest, AL
Gregory John Braden, 58 of Toney, AL
Philomena Muotoe, 79 of Toney, AL
Bridget Barnwell Brisbois, 34 of Hackleburg, AL
Robbie Cox, 68 of Hackleburg, AL
Tina Donais, 37 of Hackleburg, AL
Chris Dunn, 32 of Hackleburg, AL
Charles Tommy Garner, 75 of Hackleburg, AL
Mae Garner, 79 of Hackleburg, AL
Ed Hall, 53 of Hackleburg, AL
Teresa Gay Hall, 50 of Hackleburg, AL
Kaarlo Jokela, 76 of Hackleburg, AL
Donna Lee "Leah" Jokela, 77 of Hackleburg, AL
Freddie Lollie, 81 of Hackleburg, AL
Vickey Lollie, 55 of Hackleburg, AL
John Lynch of Hackleburg, AL
Cledis Inez McCarley, 69 of Hackleburg, AL
Vicki Lynn McKee, 47 of Hackleburg, AL
Faye O'Kelley, 70 of Hackleburg, AL
Rodney Gene Ables, 51 of Hackleburg, AL
Ken Vaughn, 24 of Hackleburg, AL
Michelle Brown, 43 of Hamilton, AL
Tammy Johnson, 52 of Hamilton, AL
Jacob Ralph Ray, 5 of Hamilton, AL
Virginia Revis, 53 of Hamilton, AL
Jeanette Cochran Wideman, 52 of Hamilton, AL
Ann Hallmark, 54 of Ruth/Arab, AL
Phillip Hallmark, 56 of Ruth/Arab, AL
Shane Hallmark, 37 of Ruth/Arab, AL
Jennifer Hallmark, 31 of Ruth/Arab, AL
Jayden Hallmark, 17 months of Ruth/Arab, AL
Oberia Layton Ashley, 86 of St. Clair County, AL
Ronnie Isbell, 56 of St. Clair County, AL
Tammy Isbell, 31 of St. Clair County, AL
Leah Isbell, 7 of St. Clair County, AL
Bertha S. Kage, 91 of St. Clair County, AL
Zy'Queria McShan, 2 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Melanie Nicole Mixon, 26, UA student
Perry Blake Peek, 24 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Lola Pitts, 85 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Terrilyn Plump, 37 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Kevin Rice, 36 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Annie Lois Humphries Sayer, 88 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Judy Sherrill, 62 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Morgan Marlene Sigler, 23, UA student from Bryant, AL
William Chance Stevens, 22, Stillman College student
Minnie Acklin, 73 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Jerry Artis, 51 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Scott Atterton, 23, UA student from Bryant, AL
Jennifer V. Bayode, 35 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Michael Bowers, 3 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Loryn Brown, 21, UA student from Wetumpka, AL
Mary Bryant, 43 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Graham Davie, 55 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Ta' Christianna Dixon, 11 months of Tuscaloosa, AL
Danielle Downs, 24 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Arielle Edwards, 22 of Tuscaloosa, AL​
Makayla Edwards, 5 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Melgium Farley, 58 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Cedria Harris, 8 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Keshun Harris, 5 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Ashley Harrison, 22, UA student from Dallas, TX
Shena Hutchins, 26 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Carolyn Ann Jackson, 50 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Jacqueline Jefferson, 45 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Thelma Krallman, 89 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Davis Lynn Latham, 57 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Tennie Mozelle Lancaster, 95 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Velma T. Leroy, 64 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Dorothy Lewis, 61 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Thomas D. Lewis, 66 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Yvonne Mayes, 61 of Tuscaloosa, AL
Christian A. McNeil, 15 months of Tuscaloosa, AL
William Robert McPherson, 85 of Tuscaloosa, AL​


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So many children died, it's very emotional to see that. The youngest I saw were two three year olds, that passed, hearts will always go out to the families who lost their loved ones.
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Ann Hallmark, 54 of Ruth/Arab, AL
Phillip Hallmark, 56 of Ruth/Arab, AL
Shane Hallmark, 37 of Ruth/Arab, AL
Jennifer Hallmark, 31 of Ruth/Arab, AL
Jayden Hallmark, 17 months of Ruth/Arab, AL
I grew up with Jennifer Hallmark as she lived next door to my grandmother's house and I graduated with her brother. It was so distressing to hear their story and understand that multiple generations were lost in the blink of an eye. Her surviving daughter worked with her grief counselor to create a book about her experience.


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Carol McElyea's age is incorrect. Per the link under her name, She was 47, not 67. Our families were friends.


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I wonder why Garrett Jones of Concord isn't included in most lists I've seen? His wife died that day, but he didn't pass away until a few months later.

I graduated HS with one of his brothers, and was friends with his other brother who passed away from cancer while a senior in HS. Lot of tragedy befell that family in a short amount of time. I saw Kevin (surviving brother) and Garrett at the funeral home in Hueytown just two months before the tornado (viewing for one of their grandparents was at the same time as my grandmother's).

Garrett's obituary

Equally as sad, I went to church with Carrie Grier and her brother Curt. Her newborn son is now nine years old -- right at a year older than my daughter. :( Carrie's obituary

Carrie was such a sweet girl. She died a few houses down from a home I used to play in all the time as a child in Pleasant Grove -- two streets over from the home I grew up in and lived in when my father died in 1991.

Honestly, I try not to think about this stuff as it makes me so incredibly sad. Neither Carrie nor Garrett deserved to lose their lives that day.

I guess I'm also grateful that more people I knew in Pleasant Grove and Concord did survive that day -- although, tragically, the scourge of opioids took one one of those survivors just a few years later. My childhood friend and neighbor who lived across the street. RIP, CF. I'll never forget how you always took up for me as kid.


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11 years tomorrow