1. StormStalker

    Alabama Governor's Race 2018

    I think we have the primaries coming up in June so who are y'all liking early in the campaign?
  2. A

    Trump Brings Prestige to the Mail Order Bride Industry.

    For years, International Marriage Services had to live with the stigma of being referred to as Mail Order Bride services. However, many consider the term "mail-order bride" derogatory and feel it demeans foreign women by comparing them to commodities for sale and falsely implying that (unlike...
  3. WesL

    Announcing TalkWeather Politics Forum

    After some discussion among the moderation team, we've decided that politics is a subject that is deserving of having it's own forum on TW. You will notice that the Politics Thread has been moved to this new forum under Everything Not Weather. We hope that members will make good use of the...
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