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  1. Mike S

    NWS HUN evacuates due to fire

  2. Mike S

    KHTX Radar Down For Two Weeks - Starts August 22, 2022

    Hopefully this will lessen the downtimes this radar seemingly has at least a couple of times during each severe weather season.
  3. KoD

    Severe WX Severe Weather Event April 13-14, 2019

    We're less than a week away now and guidance points to an event with severe potential. There's a lot of details that need to be sorted out as some operational runs are depicting scenarios less favorable than it's ensembles suggest. We can detail the progress here as the event moves closer and...
  4. MichelleH

    Just found out who the new MIC (meteorologist-in-charge) will be for Birmingham NWS

    It will be Chris Darden who is the current MIC for the Huntsville NWS office. Thoughts? Comments? What do you think?
  5. Xtreme Weather

    NWS vs SPC Convective Outlook Discussion

    To keep from derailing the other thread thought we could move the ongoing discussion into NWS offices vs SPC in regards to convective outlooks. This is not to bash any particular agency! Thoughts from BMX via Twitter about difference in opinion with upcoming event and other information as time...
  6. WesL

    AccuWeather’s Barry Myers nominated to head NOAA

    Apparently President Trump has nominated Accuweather's Barry Myers to head NOAA. Not exactly sure how I feel about that. Could Trump administration's plan to slash 17% of NOAA's budget through privatization? These blurbs don't make feel too easy about his nomination either...
  7. apocalyptic_pleasures

    How do you rightfully and respectfully complain about your local NWS?? Where it will get heard?!

    Example... My NWS office is forecasting Partly Cloudy skies Tuesday Night yet the SPC forecasts marginal conditions for severe thunderstorms including Supercells. This is lame They dont EVER issue a HWO-There hasnt been a HWO issued by NWS Tallahassee in YEARS (Literally) look it up! Isnt this...
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