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  1. bjdeming

    Open Weather Data Via Google

    OK, this is mostly over my head, but I just was reading this and checked it out. Weather site: noaa.gov was the suggestion I got at the Dataset Search Google website (probably because I've been visiting Talkweather a lot recently, what with Gordon and Florence); I'll bet some people here might...
  2. WesL

    AccuWeather’s Barry Myers nominated to head NOAA

    Apparently President Trump has nominated Accuweather's Barry Myers to head NOAA. Not exactly sure how I feel about that. Could Trump administration's plan to slash 17% of NOAA's budget through privatization? These blurbs don't make feel too easy about his nomination either...
  3. JayF


    NOAA has stated that the new GOES-16 will become either GOES-E or GOES-W by November. Which one would you rather see GOES-16 replace?