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  1. Mike S

    KHTX Radar Down For Two Weeks - Starts August 22, 2022

    Hopefully this will lessen the downtimes this radar seemingly has at least a couple of times during each severe weather season.
  2. Mike S

    KHTX Scheduled maintenance

    Lifted off the Radarscope Facebook group.... • FYI from NWS Huntsville, AL: KHTX (Hytop) NEXRAD is scheduled for a system refresh called the Service Life Extension Program starting July 17th. A special team of technicians from Norman Oklahoma will be working with our techs on the...
  3. Mike S

    KHTX & KFFC radars down (KFFC for a few weeks)

    KHTX is down until further notice. Wonderful timing. And then there is this from Atlanta......