1. apocalyptic_pleasures

    Summer Weather 2019

    Didn't see a general Summer thread like we have winter ones-perhaps because summer is a long, drawn out broken record of boring heat but models GFS and Euro are showing exceptional heat in the far Southeast US Memorial Day Weekend. I'm pretty sure this would qualify for widespread heat...
  2. K

    Seven Types of Dust Storms

    I have read in several places, including in the R Douglas Hurt book The Dust Bowl: A Social & Agricultural History that in the middle 1930s the Kansas Academy of Sciences classified dust storms into seven types of three general varieties (rectilinear, rotational, and ebullitional: ostensibly...
  3. WesL

    Recent Rainfall Creating Dangerous Situation on Tennessee River

    The Tennessee Valley Authority is warning those who live, work and play around the Tennessee River and associated reservoirs to use caution as recent rainfall has created higher than normal water levels and fast moving currents. Those rains while helping with drought conditions have forced the...
  4. WesL

    Drought Conditions Improve Across Alabama

    Recent storms may have brought some flooding and damage to some but they have also helped the severe drought conditions that have plagued the state.