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  1. KoD

    November 2017 Discussion

    It appears we have another taste of summer in store for most of us in the south east. Current forecasts show temperatures in the 70s for the next several days then after about a week, more cold fronts will slide in from the NW bringing us back to where we were in late October. November is...
  2. KoD

    October 2017 Discussion

    We're starting the month off right with cooler temperatures, drier air and clear sunny skies for most areas in the SE. Not seeing any rain makers in the near term with the high pressure sticking around so I'm expecting discussion to remain fairly minimal until potentially some rain and wind...
  3. jmills

    July 2017 Discussion

    With July about 12 hours away, I though it would be prudent to start a thread already and get the discussion going. As of this morning there's been some absolutely torrential rainfall over eastern Alabama over the past few days. The delta for the STP is 1.98 days.
  4. Equus

    Overshadowed and Overlooked Tornadoes

    On most outbreak days, there will be one or two tornadoes which go down as the 'landmark' tornado(es) of the event. May 3 1999 has the Moore tornado; April 27 2011 has the Tuscaloosa Tornado; April 26 1991 has the Andover tornado, and so on. There are very good reasons why such tornadoes become...