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climate report

  1. WesL

    March Alabama Climate Report

    After a wet winter in most of the state, with some areas experiencing their wettest December through February rainfall, things dried out in March. The statewide average was only 3.27 inches, just a little over half of the normal 6.16 inches. It was dry enough that by month’s end, drought...
  2. WesL

    Alabama Climate Report - April 2017

    With the exception of some hefty-sized hail associated with a storm system that went through in early April, it would seem the state got through the month largely unscathed. Preliminary reports are that Alabama was hit by eleven small tornadoes in April, with six people injured. That's below...
  3. WesL

    Alabama March Climate Report

    March wasn't all that much to talk about. It was generally warmer and drier than normal, but there were few extremes. Russellville and Fairhope recorded their warmest March days on record — 85.3° in Fairhope of March 22 and 85.9° on March 21 in Russellville. The mid-month freeze was a real...
  4. WesL

    The Alabama Climate Report (09FEB2017)

    From the Office of the Alabama Climatologist, Dr. John Christy http://www.nsstc.uah.edu/alclimatereport/ January 2017 won't be the warmest or wettest January in the state's weather records, although it might end up in the top half dozen for both warm temperatures and rainfall — especially...