climate change

  1. Casuarina Head

    Climate change and severe tornado outbreaks

    Severe Tornado Outbreaks defined as outbreaks with: ≥ 2 long-tracking tornado families each family w/ ≥ 2 (E)F3+ tornadoes each of these w/ path lengths ≥ 25 mi these families over wide geographic area Examples: 19–20 February 1884 28 March 1890 29–30 April 1909 28 March 1920 9 May 1927 21–22...
  2. skelly

    Politics of Climate Change

    I want to hear some discussions of the politics and economics of the phenomenon. I am not asking about the science. For example, real estate prices are not falling on the coastline. I.e. President Obama’s recent Cape Cod purchase. I mean not to troll with this example but both sides of the isles...