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  1. StormStalker

    6.6 Earthquake near Searles, CA

    It was felt by a lot of people. Monitoring for damage reports.
  2. Mike S

    California Wildfires

    Check this out from GOES 16
  3. WesL

    Vehicle explodes at main gate of Travis Air Force Base (F airfield, CA)

    The weird story here. According to a witness account, the guy gained unauthorized access to the base via the main gate, had propane tanks in the vehicle and basically ignited them resulting in his death. It is located about halfway between Sacramento and San Francisco. I've been to Travis...
  4. WesL

    School Shooting in California

    Video from FB Live / WSB-TV http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/multiple-gunshot-victims-reported-at-california-school-fire-officials-say/511170666 4 shot in elementary school classroom 2 adults deceased in classroom; believed to be a domestic domestic dispute 2 students taken to hospital...