1. Gail

    Weather radar for 2018

    This is a pretty awesome compilation of the radar for the US for every day of 2018!
  2. MattW

    Fall 2018

    I know everyone is focused on the hurricanes (as we should be) but I figured we could also start talking a little about the fall. The GFS finally has a pattern shift to cooler temperatures for the SE way out in voodooland. But it's still nice to see temps in the lower 60s and DPs down in the 50s...
  3. KoD

    January 2018 Discussion

    Happy new year everyone! We have a very cold beginning to 2018. A weak vort max over N AL/ S mid TN is giving some of us snow flurries and a light dusting in N AL as far south as Cullman, which should dissipate this afternoon. Elsewhere, high pressure will build over the coming days which...
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