Unusually cooler May weather in Los Angeles, CA

What is the meaning of this?!?!

Please anyone explain why Los Angeles is currently experiencing cooler temps & increased humidity of a somewhat tropical (?) nature during mid-May when it is usually warmer & dryer this time of year.

Thank you.

Edit: I was really just looking for info about what is going on in the Pacific Ocean recently. Seems like there's more moisture than usual for May.
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Note: no help/interest from TalkWeather on this subject
Hi there @thanatogenos, I think the lack of a reply comes from some issues we have had with spam artists who sign up and post something weather related and then blast out spam links. Because they use services such a Digital Ocean (who does not respond to abuse notifications unlike Amazon) we can only verify the server they are connecting from. I don't know about the other admin team but I fully expected you to post some spam which would have been a violation of our ToS/Rules and would have resulted in an immediate ban. Sadly, I was wrong.

Also historically the forum has been self-focused on weather in the Southeast. When it was first created, by a tv metrologist in Alabama, there were actually forums for each state but the only active forums were in the Southeast due to his audience reach. So with that in mind, most of us aren't up to date on the normal and abnormal patterns for California. However, we would love to include you and learn more about your region. I've spent some time in Palmdale, Lancaster, and Boron and have always been amazed how much of a change in the landscape you see coming into The Antelope Valley.

With that being said I'm going to look and see if there has been any documentation of the phenomenon you posted about. Maybe some of our other members will chime in as well.
Thanks so much to WestL & KoD for your posts. Not sure I understand the spam thing, but am glad to know the reason in any case. I suspected the southeast preference after noticing most all the posts were concerned with this region. Looks like southern Cal's extended May marine layer, dubbed "May Gray" by the newscasters, has finally subsided today; clouds have broken up this afternoon, as we speak I'm looking at some sunshine finally. I would be glad to make more contributions coming from my end of the country. Although I'm well aware that there are many more severe weather issues out your way & in the mid-west, tornado alley etc than there are out here on the west coast. Mudslides & late-summer forest fires are our main issues. And I must admit that I'm no meteorologist, by any means. Just a citizen who's always been interested in the weather, actually from being a ball player for so long. haha Anyway, thanks again & I look forward to reading y'all's weather info & being a member of this club. -Pete

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