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    Greeting Campers,

    Hope everyone is having a great week and ready for a nice relaxing weekend.

    I wanted to take a moment to give you a few updates on a few new initiatives that have taken place recently. You may have noticed we have a new logo on our home page, I'm pleased to announce that has been accepted into the Weather-Ready Ambassador Initiative. Over the past few weeks I've been asking some new members about why they joined. I quickly realized that most are everyday people with ever a passion for weather or just looking for details on approaching severe weather. So with that in mind the partnership with Weather-Ready Nation Initiative is perfect. Along with weather information we will now also feature safety tips during severe weather events and preparedness information during non-peak times. Naturally, we encourage all our members to share their tips and experiences as well. I know quite a few of us have had some crazy storm experiences and I look forward to hearing and learning from them in the coming future.

    I am also excited to announce our TW Store is online and ready for your purchases :). Seriously, we have a ton of great looking shirts, jackets, hats, etc branded with our re-designed circle logo (thanks to @Blountwolf). We have a 15% off special going that you will see when you use the TW Store tab in the navigation bar at the top of the page. We do get about 5% of the sales back for most items which in return goes into our TW fund for the server and bandwidth bills. We hope you have a look around and considering ordering an item or two. So far I've ordered the stylish hat you see in my profile picture and two of the LIFT polo shirts which are super soft. I think you will enjoy anything you order.

    Finally, I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone that contributed to the discussion this past week concerning the "severe" threat yesterday. In our modern day society we expect everything to be perfect and pinpoint, anyone that deals with weather understands that meteorology is far from an exact science. Conditions change and life goes on. Get some rest and get ready for the next storm in life.

    Have a great weekend,
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    Awesome! I'm hoping more and more people view TW as a source of weather information and a good place for weather discussion!!
    I've ordered a t-shirt and a hat but I'll be back shopping soon!! This is so stinking cool!!
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